Hey! I'm John.

I'm a full-stack web developer with a background in IT management. I currently work for Cardlytics, an Atlanta-based ad-tech company. I prefer front-end work (in Vue and Angular), but I enjoy projects of all shapes and sizes.

Core Skills

  • JavaScript, Python
  • Node, Vue, Angular, Meteor
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • UI/UX Design
  • API Integrations
  • Drinking too much coffee

Recent Projects


ASU Pitch

Built for ASU, Pitch is an online communication platform for 70,000+ students, professors, advisors, counselors, and more. Lead dev for the Web App + iOS App + Microservice Architecture.

Tech: JavaScript, Coffeescript, Swift, Node.js, Express, MeteorJS, BlazeJS, MongoDB, Amazon Lex NLP, AWS



Still in initial development, this suite of tools – a browser extension, web app, and video recording service – makes user acceptance testing a breeze.

Tech: Vue.js, webpack, Chrome Extension, Node.js, MongoDB



A site for developers that makes creating a tech portfolio fast, fun, and easy.

Tech: Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, OAuth2.0, Heroku


What's John Drinking?

I take my beer drinking very seriously so I built a website to track what kind of beer I drink and when.

Tech: AngularJS, Untappd API, Python web scraper, Google Charts

Let's Talk!

If you'd like to work together on a project, drop me a line with any relevant project details.